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22KHz "Locked on" - unable to get 10GHz - only 11700-12000+

22KHz "Locked on" - unable to get 10GHz - only 11700-12000+

Postby bigbloke » Mon Apr 05, 2021 8:32 pm

HI All,

Due to a necessary reconfiguration of PCs to run some ancient (non satellite) software no longer supported
by windows 10 , and some incredibly cheap Small Form Factor I7 based PCs for sale that allowed me to
do it, My satellite configuration is as follows:

I5 Motherboard 4GB RAM
Windows 7 Pro 32 bit (I have to run 32 bit for the old software - It needs NTVDM.EXE)
6982 PICe card with latest windows 7 driver x.x.x.6
HH120 positioner
Universal PLL LNB

software in use is progdvb pro X86 7.40

I am not using the windows 10 machines for sattlelite as they are too small (SFF) to take my 6982 card.
and I am not wasting an i7 on 32 bit windows 7!

The software and hardware appeared to run very well and I have many channels , but when testing with 26E (BADR / E'sHail1/2)
I noticed that no signal below 11.7 GHz was being found , implying that either the TBS card is always transmitting 22KHz ,
or the LNB was faulty. I checked other satellites - these were the same.

I disconnected the TBS card and put in its place my GTMedia V8 Gold meter...

Instant success! I could watch and tune 10 & 12 GHZ signals, proving there was no issue with the LNB
reconnect the TBS card, only 11700-12000+ signals are visible ? very odd.

SO it could be:

A TBS hardware fault
A TBS driver fault
A ProgDVB fault

I tried to run the trial of dvb dream - it just crashes constantly on this PC

Anyone come across this before please ? any idea how to fix it ?


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Re: 22KHz "Locked on" - unable to get 10GHz - only 11700-120

Postby smile » Fri Apr 09, 2021 10:07 am

Please check you LNB info. if it is the Ku-Linear (low band: 9750 MHz switch :11700MHz high:10600),when the 22k turn on that mean it is the High band, the frequencies is higher than 11700(the switch values). conversely , 22k turn off, the frequencies lower than 11700.

Best Regards
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