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Problem with setting PLP

PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:20 pm
by slavarec
I have problem with setting PLP by BDA! Drivers version -
Code worked fine about a year ago - I could tune in to any of the available PLP in DVB-T2 signal! But maybe driver version was another! How to get previuos versions of drivers?

Here is some code that i use:

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// TBS tuner extension headers
typedef struct _tbs_plp_info // PLP info for TBS tuners struct
    unsigned char plpId; //The Rel PLPID need to set
    unsigned char plpCount; //PLP count number
    unsigned char plpResered1;//
    unsigned char plpResered2;//  memory size set to 4
    unsigned char plpIdList[256];//store the Rel PLPID


#define KSPROPERTYSET_IID_BdaTunerExtensionPropertiesString L"{faa8f3e5-31d4-4e41-88ef-d9eb716f6ec9}"

// End of TBS tuner extension headers


if (m_pTunerInputPin)
        IKsPropertySet *p_ksPropertySet;
        hr = m_pTunerInputPin->QueryInterface(IID_IKsPropertySet, reinterpret_cast<void**>(&p_ksPropertySet));

        if(hr == S_OK)
            DWORD dwSupported = 0;

                IID KSPROPSETID_BdaTunerExtensionProperties_IID;
                IIDFromString(KSPROPERTYSET_IID_BdaTunerExtensionPropertiesString, &KSPROPSETID_BdaTunerExtensionProperties_IID);

                dwSupported = KSSupported(p_ksPropertySet, KSPROPSETID_BdaTunerExtensionProperties_IID, KSPROPERTY_BDA_PLPINFO);

                if (dwSupported & KSPROPERTY_SUPPORT_SET)
                    TBS_PLP_INFO plp_info;
                    ZeroMemory(&plp_info, sizeof(TBS_PLP_INFO));

                    plp_info.plpId = plp; // plp=0,1,2...
                    hr = p_ksPropertySet->Set(KSPROPSETID_BdaTunerExtensionProperties_IID,

                    DWORD ret;
                    hr = p_ksPropertySet->Get(KSPROPSETID_BdaTunerExtensionProperties_IID,
                                         sizeof( TBS_PLP_INFO ),
                    qDebug() << "PLP -" << plp_info.plpId << plp_info.plpCount << ret; // plp_info.plpId always == 0, but plp_info.plpCount == valid value (3)!

Re: Problem with setting PLP

PostPosted: Sat Oct 08, 2016 10:35 am
by steven

Which driver version you are used before ?
you can get the older driver like this: ...
just change the version name .


Kind Regards