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Problems with Tuner "A" - No HD Channels

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 6:24 pm
by i0zjh02
I have a strange problem were I cannot tune any HD channels (Winterhill tranmitter) on the first of the 4 tuners (the other 3 are OK). If I scan for channels using either SageTV (My PVR program) or using the supplied DVBDream application it finds all the other channels except the HD ones.
If I select one of the other 3 tuners within either application and scan again then all channels are found correctly including the HD ones. If I go back to the first tuner and try and tune to a HD channel it just shows 0% signal strength and doesnt find the channel.
Has anyone have this issue before, is it a HW issue or a driver problem (I'm on latest 1.06 drivers), I'm not sure if it actually only appeared since I moved from Java 6 to 7 (might try changing back just to see if it is still present)
Any feedback/comments very welcome as I'm scratching my head on how to fix this!!