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TBS6285 DVB-T2/T Windows Driver Increases Boot Time

PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2015 7:08 pm
by TexasGore
Installation of driver on a fresh, clean Windows 10 install causes Windows boot time to increase about 4 fold: <5 seconds without driver, ~20 seconds with driver. currently, but happens on previous driver, too.

While this may seem insignificant, it annoys the hell outa me... knowing that my rig can load Windows sub 5 seconds, but having to wait an extra 15 seconds. It seems like an eternity, which I know is silly, but it drives me nuts.

This is easily reproduceable: install driver > reboot and experience long load time. Uninstall driver > reboot and have sub 5 second load time.

For reference, here are my (relevant) spec's:

Intel 980X
Gigabyte X58A-OC
24GB 1866 Corsair DDR3 Vengeance
120GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD system drive
plus other SSD's for storage etc.