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HD audio passthrough

HD audio passthrough

Postby kittysoman2013 » Fri May 29, 2020 1:10 am

Has anyone been able to successfully passthrough HD audio from the TBS Matrix (running Kodi/Openelec) to a processor/receiver? My Marantz AV7005 receives the signal and indicates TruHD (or DTS-MA), but the audio stutters. This happens when playing movies over the network (wired) or off a flash drive plugged into the USB port. I have a high quality HDMI cable running to the Marantz, so I am running out of possibilities. At this point it is either the software build (I have the latest build) or something wrong with my Marantz. I will say the Marantz has no problem accepting regular DD or DTS from the Matrix nor any issues playing HD audio from a Blu-Ray player. I bought the Matrix to replace my Raspberry Pi specifically to be able to play HD audio. Any help would be appreciated.
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