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PC build for capture multiple DVB-T2 and HDMI sources

PC build for capture multiple DVB-T2 and HDMI sources

Postby mourn » Tue Dec 15, 2020 4:55 am

I'm trying to build a PC (or two given the issues I'll talk later) with multiple DVB-T2 and HDMI (like satellite decoders) PCIe capture cards .

For the DVB-T2, I'm particularly interested in this two models

- TBS6281 Dual tuner

- TBS6209 Octa tuner

From what I understood theese cards can record respectively 2 and 8 channels from different mux at the same time, right?

I need to know if these cards have a dedicated chip for encoding/decoding or they use CPU or GPU, so I can understand which hardware I have to use for build the PC.

Before I talked about PCs because it's likely that I'll install both these cards (or two of them, most likely two 6209) in the same PC.
I guess I can't open two instances of the same software used by the same cards in the same environment/operating system, so could use one of the cards with her software on a virtual machine solve this issue (if this is an issue...)?

Thanks in advance and sorry if my English is bad.

I'm always available for further informations.
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