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Buildscripts sources

Buildscripts sources

Postby mijanek » Fri Jan 17, 2014 4:19 pm

Hi Steve,

in the config of the build env (booth as well matrixtv as openpctv) inside config/platforms/arm/imx6/packages/linux/build you have :
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if pkg_uses $1 tbskernel; then
  wget$(kernel_version)/download \
      -O .install/boot/$IMAGE || cp arch/$TARGET_ARCH/boot/$IMAGE .install/boot
  cp arch/$TARGET_ARCH/boot/$IMAGE .install/boot

the precompiled uImage is buggy, this "if" should be removed..

Unfortunatelly I coudn't find your code for the fan controll, I see only in the latest patch there are some exclusion from current gpio kernel assignments for that but no additional code for it.

Thanks a lot

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