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Problem with 2911 MOI : very slow !

Problem with 2911 MOI : very slow !

Postby cyclone27 » Fri Jul 07, 2017 12:08 pm

Hello ,
I think that my new 2911 MOI is buggy or does not have enough memory. I ue it with 2 tbs 6205 tnt 4 tuners cards.
After a few hours with mumudvb it how to row. And some tuners appear disconnected with an error message in putty : SEGMENT ERROR !
So i tried to use Tvheadend preconfigure. It's worse: at the end of the 6th tuner, it starts to bring back.
Then impossible to go further and the interface crashes !
It is still not abnormal to use it with 2 cards of 4 tuners and to extract 32 channels to him ? I did it successfully with an Ubuntu computer.
Could you say me what do you thnik about that ?
Firmware is last version 1.0.11. Mumudvb preinstalled version is v 2.0.0.
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