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Help needed to setup tvheadend

Help needed to setup tvheadend

Postby jonhill55 » Fri Feb 12, 2021 5:42 am

My partner is looking for support to help reinstate 4x Moi Pro dvb-s recorders after they stopped working at her place of work. A firmware update was performed which got them semi functional but lots of the settings are now missing to enable recording again. I have tried my best to help but I am out of my depth and know nothing about tvheadend.

Is there anybody or a company (in the UK) that you could recommend to help that might specialise in this, as it seems a very niche bit of software !?

She requires the following to be setup on the four boxes:
-UK Freesat channels set up
-7 day rolling EPG set up (it doesn't seem to update or remove old listings when I try)
-Set up the record location to a networked drive.

Any ideas?
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