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AMD MOI PRO only allows tvheadend

AMD MOI PRO only allows tvheadend

Postby bazdaghost » Sat Oct 30, 2021 1:05 am

Hi everyone, I purchased an amd moi pro and 4 TBS 6909 cards.
The problem I have is that i cannot use anything other than tvheadend due to everytime i try and select another tuning device (VDR, DVBLast or none) the dot always reverts back to tvheadend.
I have tried killing the tvheadend process but still i am not able to change the software to use. clearly this is must be a bug somewhere otherwise i would be able to opt for a different software. it probably doesnt help because there is no save button on the page either to save the software i want to use.
if anyone has any ideas on how to resolve this please feel free to let me know as its very frustrating and i have even attempted a factory reset which upon first sign in highlighted tvheadend.
If this is only supposed to use tvheadend then i would never have bought it as it was advertised as using VDR and other backends not just tvheadend.

And please do not tell me to use tvheadend as that is buggy and not reliable. tvheadend doesnt actually start upon reboot of the moi pro and i have to literally sign in and reactivate it for absolutely no reason at all. all i can see is this is basically a device for tvheadend only and not for any other backends multiplied with a huge issue on autostarting the required backend
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Re: AMD MOI PRO only allows tvheadend

Postby zhangchao » Mon Nov 08, 2021 9:30 am

hi ,

not only tvheadend can bu used , dvblast and mumudvb also can be used , mumudvb need to use via command line .
please add skype jack_2431 .i will check .

best regards!
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