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TBS 6903x v1 & v2

TBS 6903x v1 & v2

Postby sato » Wed Jun 24, 2020 6:54 am

I and my team colleague Peon (aka Onacila) will dedicate this topic to an old newcomer - the TBS 6903x v2 card.
Peon started using TBS 6903x v1 in 01/2019 as this was the first Tenow card to get DVB-S2X signals.
The v2 (fanless version) has been launched only recently and because some people still do not know about it, they think that the card they see on the net may be a fake (slightly different layout, no fan etc), not a genuine TBS product. That`s why we`ve decided to get the new TBS 6903x version 2 and make things a bit clearer.
Both TBS 6903x v1 (01/2019) & v2 (06/2020) cards came from the reliable source. We`d like to show you here detailed pictures of the new version and later compare the new card to the old one in different reception reports. Reception reports together with the card performance will be updated on this forum in the following days and weeks.

The new TBS 6903x v2 is a genuine card produced by Tenow and it`s a substitute for the older v1 (with fan) that is officially not sold any more, but it may be still in stock of some retailers.There are no fakes of TBS 6903x on the market, only reliable and genuine products.

Drivers are identical for both versions of the card.

TBS 6903X front boxed.jpg
TBS 6903x back boxed.JPG
TBS 6903x front details.jpg
TBS 6903x back details.jpg
2x TBS 6903x plugged in.JPG
2x TBS6903x.jpg
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Re: TBS 6903x v1 & v2

Postby Babadem » Sat Jul 18, 2020 11:12 am

It will be interesting to see performance comparisons between the two versions?
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