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TBS2603 fault on HDMI input change

TBS2603 fault on HDMI input change

Postby jtevlin » Thu Jun 18, 2020 1:14 pm


I use the TBS2603 to stream a H265 encoded RTP Multicast Stream as shown below.

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CAM-A------------|                   |-------------TBS2603----H265_RTP_MULTICAST
CAM-B------------|                   |-------------MONITOR

  • HDMI source is provided by 2 headend devices (CAM-A, CAM-B)
  • Both devices output diferent HDMI formats (1xLowResolution, 1 x HighResolution)
  • Only 1 device is active (either CAM-A OR CAM-B)
  • The stream is viewed via VLC on multiple platforms (Linux, Windows, IOS, Android)

Everything works fine until the end user switches between CAM-A and CAM-B, then the following happens:
  • Switching devices takes ~2 seconds (observed on MONITOR)
  • VLC shows an initial image of the new device (also after the ~2 seconds) and then freezes (other viewers just stop or crash)
  • The TBS2603 stops outputting the stream
  • The TBS2603 restarts the stream after >40 seconds (VLC continues with the new stream)

Problem: >40 seconds to restart a stream is far too long
Request: What can I do to get this 40 seconds down to as close to 0 seconds as possible

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Re: TBS2603 fault on HDMI input change

Postby echomay » Thu Jun 18, 2020 3:19 pm

When the hdmi signal changed it's resolution or other, the box need restart it's input device, and encode device to adapt the new parameters, it need some times.
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