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TBS2603 RTMP settings for Social Media platforms

TBS2603 RTMP settings for Social Media platforms

Postby PRFCTV » Sun Mar 21, 2021 4:16 pm


Can anyone please settle the argument once and for all about the Encoder TBS2603. ( recently updated bios to 1.1.96. )

IS IT or IS IT NOT Suitable for use to stream to FB or YT directly using the RTMP settings. I don't want to use it as a capture device to stream through OBS, Vmix or Wirecast etc. For one part the latency is terrible and secondly I will be using a switcher and taking the HDMI output of that and pushing it to the encoder.

My local club purchased this device with the intention of streaming home and away games live to social media via a mobile operator. So far they have not been able to get it to work. After extensive searching and trials it would seem that it is not possible due to software configuration issues
or a lack of hardware.

If this is this case and the answer is NO can then someone please update the webpage ... coder.html so that no other unsuspecting souls purchases it for this very purpose on the second hand market, as I now see that it is not available and out of stock, possibly for this very reason.

If the answer is YES then could someone please share the setting as I have tried all matter of configurations without success.

Do I need to purchase the SE version to be able to successfully stream to FB and YT.


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Re: TBS2603 RTMP settings for Social Media platforms

Postby daowei » Wed Mar 24, 2021 4:01 pm

Yes, older model tbs2603 rtmp protocol compatibility is not good enough. The newer model like tbs2603se, tbs2603au, tbs2605 is ok. Have tested Youtube, Twitch, Facebook (rtmps), Ustream, Wowza and ect.
I recommend you the these new models.

If you choose older model, you can try this:
tbs2603 ip out: like http, rtsp out------to a 3rd-party app like OBS------last, OBS push to socail media.

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