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TBS 5520SE - a satellite delight

TBS 5520SE - a satellite delight

Postby sato » Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:41 am

After a longer time of being in a shadow of our personal needs me and Peon are back.
We haven`t been writing any reception reports, but we have done some good work behind the scene testing and comparing this and that...
The time has come and after months of using the TBS 5520SE card we can say a few words from a personal experience.

I personally fell in love with this tiny card mostly of the 1 simple fact. It doesn`t need any power adaptor at all. You can be free as far as your notbook has enough power to operate. So no matter where you are, you are still able to get DVB-T or DVB-S signals.
Also, it is very good bargain for what you pay to what you get.

The facts we found out so far:
- the lowest SR 555
- the highest SR 45000 (there is nothing available until SR 65441, that is simply out of reach for this card)
- DVB-S2X reception
- Multistream reception, but there`s some unknown problem with MIS 12 @ 5W freq. 11179 V (Technical support has been informed about this issue)
- NO support for T2-MI by Crazyscan so far, even we strongly believe this card could get it if Crazy Cat finds time to support it
- 4K and 8K reception if your PC is powerful enough
- DVB-T/T2 and DVB-S/S2/S2X recepion with 2 F inputs (you can have T+S cables connected and signal in switched by one click)

More to come... I`ll update this first page and post details on the last one so everybody knows there`s something new.

TBS 5520SE.jpg
TBS 5520SE and Peon`s NWIEE 3.7m antenna

TBS cards by PEON.jpg
Installed devices on Peon`s PC

TBS 5520SE - SR 555.jpg
The lowest SR 555

TBS 5520SE - SR 45000.jpg
The highest SR 45000

Multistream @ 12.5W MIS 33.jpg
Italian Multistream @ 12.5W - MIS 33

Multistream @ 12.5W MIS 34.jpg
Italian Multistream @ 12.5W - MIS 34

Multistream @ 12.5W MIS 35.jpg
Italian Multistream @ 12.5W - MIS 35

Multistream @ 12.5W MIS 36.jpg
Italian Multistream @ 12.5W - MIS 36

TBS 5520SE - DVB-S2X reception.jpg
Eutelsat 33 @ 33E - 12558 V DVB-S2X reception

TBS 5520SE  - MIS 4.jpg
French Multistream @ 5W - MIS 4
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TBS 5520SE - a satellite delight

Postby sato » Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:44 am

TBS 5520SE - MIS 12.jpg
Italian Multistream @ 12.5W - MIS 12
Unknown issue that can be seen only on this MIS, but other TBS cards have no problem at all.

TBS 5520SE - 4K reception.jpg
4K reception from Turksat @ 42E

TBS 5220SE DVB-S to DVB-T switching.jpg
Switching from DVB-S to DVB-T

TBS 5220 SE DVB-T.jpg
DVB-T reception

TBS5520SE IQ Step 3MHz.jpg
Scanning Hispasat @ 30W with IQ monitor by 3Mhz

TBS5520SE IQ Step 2MHz repeat scan 12524MHz.jpg
Scanning Hispasat @ 30W with IQ monitor by 2Mhz

TBS5520SE IQ Step 1MHz repeat scanning 12524V.jpg
Scanning Hispasat @ 30W with IQ monitor by 1Mhz

We haven`t had any luck so far to lock a DVB-S2X transponder on the proper frequency 12551 H on NSS 12 @ 57E. This can be locked occasioanly if lucky enough if frequency is slightly shifted to a few MHz above. There is no issue like this with other cards, so the signal quality or the NJR PLL LNB is not the problem in this case.

NSS 12 @ 57E - TBS 5520SE DVB-S2X  16APSK.jpg
DVB-S2X signal not locked on NSS 12 @ 57E

57e TBS6522 DVB-S2x locked if freq. 12556MHz 16APSK.jpg
Tricky DVB-S2X reception on NSS 12 @ 57E

No matter what, this card si still a pretty good bargain. Because we closely colaborate with Tenow if it comes to solving reception issues, problems that are mentioned above can be solved by the company or improving by CrazyCat whose work we all deepy appreciate.
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Re: TBS 5520SE - a satellite delight

Postby VictorLS » Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:26 am

Thanks for your posts.
I want to add one more issue with TBS 5520SE on 50e 11587h34290 32APSK TURKSAT_8K_TEST channel viewtopic.php?f=195&t=25106
Can you confirm that on big dish?
TBS 6983 good

TBS 5520SE bad

- NO support for T2-MI by Crazyscan so far

In my case 4e9 12188 and 12341h30000 T2-MI in Multistream (it's harder than T2-MI only - read lower) works quiet well with app SmartDVB and by CrazyCat, so write list of (non-successfull) T2-MI transponders you tried - I'll try to test it.
Or you want CrazyScan will work as 4T2 Content Analyzer (btw it shows T2-MI in Multistream bad with both OMICOM S2 PCI and TBS 5520SE - about one second artifacts each ~10 seconds, just T2-MI without Multistream is good enough) with T2-MI? ;)
PS. I agree, i.e. OMICOM S2 PCI is better with T2-MI than TBS 5520SE.
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