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Can anybody try 50e 32APSK with TBS6522?

Can anybody try 50e 32APSK with TBS6522?

Postby VictorLS » Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:54 am

I have TBS 5520SE and it can lock 50e 11587h34290 32APSK but can't even get TURKSAT_8K_TEST channel name due to many errors (btw 42e 11177v34290 TURKSAT_8K_TEST slideshows quiet well with SmartDVB and MPCVideoDec_skip_non_I-frames.7z (7,2MB) ). If TBS6522 can show (with Signal/Noise as minimum 14dB) 50e 11587h34290 32APSK TURKSAT_8K_TEST well so problem with USB-bridge but if not - problem with demodulator Si21832 equal in 6522 and 5520SE.
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