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Scrambled Channel issue with VDR (& TBS 6590)

Scrambled Channel issue with VDR (& TBS 6590)

Postby jpeg » Sun Aug 19, 2018 5:58 pm


I'm using since several years TBS card & using an integrated subscription card into the CAM ( let's call it CAM-TS)

Case1: 4.16.3 TBS6590+CAM-TS + VDR2.2.0+VNSI -> notOK (but TVH OK !!!)
On kernel 4.16.3 with TBS6590 , VDR 2.2.0 & VNSI , free TV are OK
but when I switched on scrambled channel, Kodi is immediately disconnecting the VNSI channel
In the other hand, TVH is working like a charm ( I 'm strictly following the procedure described in the usermanual)

Case2: 3.13.0 TBS6991+CAM-TS VDR2.2.0+VNSI -> OK
In the past, using the SAME CAM-TS & on kernel 3.13.0 , but on a TBS6991, VDR + VNSI was working well

about case 1 : VDR log showed the CAM is red perfectly & when crash , there is no faulty message
Is it a driver or kernel issue ?

Thanks in advance for any kind of fdck
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Re: Scrambled Channel issue with VDR (& TBS 6590)

Postby jpeg73 » Mon Sep 10, 2018 5:26 pm

After deep investigations ,
Some VDR patch has been created & temporarly solve the issue (waiting driver fix) ... ost1307433
1/ no need to create symlink
2/ Kill all vdr process
3/ download latest vdr 2.4.0 sources
4/ Apply the patch
5/ Compile VDR
6/ Run VDR & after while kill again the vdr process
7/ a frontend.conf file is now auto-created by VDR
8/ configure frontend.conf with your setup

Mine was
adapter0 is connected to DVBS antenna while Adapter1 is connected to DVBT antenna
frontend.conf is then
1,[6590:1/1],<[0]TurboSight TBS 6590 DVB-S/S2 + 2xCI [1]Silicon Labs Si2183>
0,[6590:1/2],<[0]TurboSight TBS 6590 DVB-S/S2 + 2xCI [1]Silicon Labs Si2183>

with my Best Regards
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