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DXing with TBS 5927 card

DXing with TBS 5927 card

Postby sato » Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:45 pm

In this topic me and Peon will show you what can be received by the TBS 5927 card in various bands with bigger antennas a PF 2.5m and PF 3.7m. Over the years of using this briliant PC card we have collected lots of personal experience we would like to share with other satellite enthusiast piece by piece.

All reception details have been made by using TBS 5927 card and the latest available drivers:

- Device list as used at the time when the TBS 5927 was installed on Peon`s PC.
- the highest SR 65441
- low SR test @ 23E by various cards
- Close frequency scan @ 30W (11640 - 11655 MHz)
- still a huge problem to get Continuous stream (TBS has been informed as reception of CS is still big unknown for sat users)

TBS 5927 - Device list.jpg
Device list ob Peon`s PC at the time of installion of the 5927 card

TBS 5927 - Band scan for SR 65441.jpg
Band scan for SR 65441 (freq. 11752)

TBS 5927 - SR 65441 details.jpg
The highest SR 65441 received on 11752 in details.
(The SR 65441 is shown on TBS 6903 and 6983 cards)

Low SR test @ 23E.jpg
Low SR test @ 23E with various cards

Close frequency scan @ 30W (11640 - 11655 MHz).jpg
Close frequency scan @ 30W (11640 - 11655 MHz) with various cards

Continuous stream @ Eutelsat 5W
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Re: DXing with TBS 5927 card

Postby steven » Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:24 pm

Hi Sato

Thanks for your detail feedback :)

Kind Regards

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Re: DXing with TBS 5927 card

Postby tbsfan » Tue Mar 12, 2019 9:22 am

I see slightly better siganls from 6903 over 5927, should I take much notice of this ? Huh the 5925 is deaf in comparison
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