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How to use TBS690A ASI capture card under windows/Linux OS?

TBS690A is a DVB-ASI capture card with 4 channels input, which used to receive DVB transport streams up to 270 Mbps/channel on one card, and the transport streams can be single programs or multi programs. TBS690A is ideal for high-density applications requiring up to four ASI inputs, the input channels can run independently. With minimal power consumption, TBS690A is tailored for industrial applications where reliability is an option.

How to use TBS690A ASI capture card under windows/Linux OS?

Postby Jenny » Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:57 am

Dear All,

Nice day! Hope to find you well. :) New arrival TBS690A 4 Input DVB-ASI Capture Card is alreay available!

How to use TBS690A ASI capture card under windows and linux OS? May you enjoy watching the tutorial video here:

Main Features:
4 x DVB-ASI inputs
Compatible with DVB Standard
4 receiver channels on the same PCI-e card
Full DVB-ASI throughput of 270 Mbps per channel
Bandwidth can be divided as required between the ports
Signal quality sensing support in hardware

IPTV Servers
ASI to IP conversion
Datacasting and monitoring
Electronic Program Guides (EPG's)
Broadcast TV

Get more details of TBS690A here:

Any feedback or idea would be much appreciated. Leave your feedback here or contact us via e-mail Thanks. :)

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Re: How to use TBS690A ASI capture card under windows/Linux

Postby Andyldex » Wed Sep 06, 2017 7:42 pm


I'm trying to use a TBS 6991SE under Linux. The youtube video shown above seems to me to require a multicast network to work. Am I mistaken? Or if not is there a simpler way to get a stream to work without a Multicast network? My objective is to be able to test channel reception on a headless server and do visual quality test on a remote desktop. Is there a simple way to achieve this?
thanks for any comments and advise,

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