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How to report a problem with TBS Linux drivers

TBS690A is a DVB-ASI capture card with 4 channels input, which used to receive DVB transport streams up to 270 Mbps/channel on one card, and the transport streams can be single programs or multi programs. TBS690A is ideal for high-density applications requiring up to four ASI inputs, the input channels can run independently. With minimal power consumption, TBS690A is tailored for industrial applications where reliability is an option.

How to report a problem with TBS Linux drivers

Postby cody » Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:17 pm

How to report a problem with TBS Linux drivers

1. please, before proceeding to report your problem, make sure to check and
read the README files, because in the general case they cover everything you
need and give detailed information how to install the drivers and use some
tools like 'szap-s2' and 'scan-s2' to do basic test of your setup - none of
that information is model specific and so you can use any README file

2. if your case is not covered by the supplied README files then you need to
choose way to contact us for submitting your problem report, either:

2.1. send us email depending on your location to to
2.2. open new topic in the corresponding section of our forum:

and as in 2.1 send us email with the link to the new forum topic - as way
to inform us about it; with using the forum all discussion of the issue will
be done through the forum and forum private messages will be used only in
case personal information is needed to be exchanged like address details

2.3. please, do NOT open forum post and send use email with the same content
as the forum post - take a look at 2.2

3. initial problem reports must contains:

3.1) description of the problem

3.2) 'dmesg' log after driver installation (if applicable, please see 1. too):

# dmesg >> dmesg_log


* log of 'lspci' output (only if you have PCI or PCI-Expreess card):

# lspci -vvnn >> lspci_log

* log of 'lsusb' output (only if you have USB box):

# lsusb >> lsusb_log

3.4) your Linux distribution and running kernel version, e.g. the output of:

# uname -a

collecting of those logs as well driver installation must be done as 'root' user, e.g.
you need to run 'sudo su' (or 'su -' depending on your system)

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