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streaming isdb-t setup with tvheadend using tbs6814

TBS690A is a DVB-ASI capture card with 4 channels input, which used to receive DVB transport streams up to 270 Mbps/channel on one card, and the transport streams can be single programs or multi programs. TBS690A is ideal for high-density applications requiring up to four ASI inputs, the input channels can run independently. With minimal power consumption, TBS690A is tailored for industrial applications where reliability is an option.

streaming isdb-t setup with tvheadend using tbs6814

Postby leostereo » Fri Jan 31, 2020 12:41 am

Hi guys , im trying to set my tvh server to stream isdb-t signal over my lan network.
This is what I have:
tvh 4.2.7 daemon running on centos7 server.
tbs6814 pci board (drivers installed).

This what I did:
add new network:
name: TDA
type: ISDB-T
Pre-defined muxes:Ar-Argentina
save(This automatically adds 55 muxes.)

Under TV adapters , I can choose between 4 adapters related to my tbs6814 (dont know why there are 4).
click (tryed on all devices), set enable, set my TDA network and save.

This is the result:
At the muxes section I can see is showing FAIL for all the frequencies.

Is my preceadure ok? There are so many checks and options ... perhaps there is something missing.
Is there any tutorial / documentation to follow ? (I can not find it on tvh docs).
Is there some whay to see the received signal level?

btw: mine is a tbs6814, I didnt kwnow if posting here is ok.

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