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WinLIRC remote support for all TBS TV Tuner Cards

WinLIRC remote support for all TBS TV Tuner Cards

Postby steven » Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:26 pm

Hi All

Many thanks to crazycat who has made the WinLIRC support for TBS card. :D

Now we can use WinLIRC to control a lot of software.Please have a look at WinLIRC home page to get
more information:

Before use WinLIRC with TBS card.
#Download WinLIRC here to download it:

#Configure WinLIRC for TBS card
We have three plug.
TbsNxp.dll : This is for NXP7160 bridge card,include:TBS6922, TBS6925 ,TBS6928,TBS6984,TBS6220,TBS6284,TBS6280,TBS6991...
TbsQbox.dll: This is for all of TBS QBox,include:TBSQbox,TBSQbox2,TBS5921,TBS5922,TBS5925,TBS5980...
TbsCxt.dll:This is for CX2388x-based card.include:TBS6981,TBS6980,TBS8920,TBS8921,TBS8922,TBS6920,TBS6921...

Take TBS6925 for example.
1.choose TbsNxp.dll:
choose TbsNxp dll

2.Click Plugin Setup,You will see the Device is TBS6925 ,set the RC Type to NEC32 click ok.
RC Type

3.Load TBS Remote Configs
Click Browse to load the Remote Configs,
Thanks again crazycat had make the configs for us.
we can download it here:
Remoe Configs

4.Click OK Then you can enjoy WinLIRC with TBS Cards. :D

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