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Flickering/distortion/break up in Windows Media Center

Flickering/distortion/break up in Windows Media Center

Postby Rave » Fri Aug 16, 2013 8:00 pm

Note: This is solved but I wanted to post in case this helps anyone else.

I use DVB Link/TV Source/EPG Digiguide (highly recommended) in Windows Media Centre on Windows 7 x64.

Symptoms (only seen in Windows Media Centre):
  • After 30 seconds to 30 minutes, the audio stutters briefly, then goes silent.
  • Very soon after, the video breaks up. A frame is shown for about 2 seconds, then a new one for half a second, then a new one for 2 seconds and so forth. I believe the frames broadly match real time (i.e. when the frame changes, its always a new frame).
  • Bizarrely, the audio/video works again briefly if the WMC window is restored down or minimised, although it often happens again usually after about 30 seconds - 30 minutes.
  • I only remember this happening on HD channels but I couldn't be sure it didn't also happen on SD channels.

Solution: Disable AMD Cool N Quiet / Intel SpeedStep on CPU in BIOS
A big thank you to Constantine of TBS Europe support for this suggestion:

Try disabling AMD Cool N Quiet / Intel SpeedStep on the CPU in the BIOS.

(If this doesn't mean anything to you, look at Wikipedia to see what the BOIS is. Then find out how to enter the BIOS by googling the model of your motherboard - you normally need to hit DEL early in boot sequence, then you need to find the CPU settings. Otherwise, contact the support/forums of your motherboard)

This worked a treat. I really am so pleased to have this sorted out. It was really bugging me!

Constantine was kind enough to provide this solution after we had ruled out the TBS card being the cause of the fault (i.e. no Con.Err showing in DVB Dream. He also took the time to make me understand how the card works, what Con.Err means etc.

Thanks again Constantine! Much appreciated.
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