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perfect picture, but swoosh noice

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perfect picture, but swoosh noice

Postby janty » Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:14 pm


we are using a 6301 cature card for a couple of weeks now, and it worked perfect. Yesterday we received a new ("l*bara box" for S*nTV) with version 3.0 on it. wen connected directly to the TV both video and audio are running perfect. Wen connecting to the capture card, video is running very smooth, but the audio gives a swoosh noice. behind that swoosh noice you van hear a little from the original sound.
We used several option with HDMIOPTIONS: , but all have the same result. Is this a trick from L*bara, or?

used option:./hdmioptions -a 0 -n 0 -K S*nTV -A
also after - r (reset) and/or -R (mcu reset) we have the same result.
we use Mumudvb as software to stream to VLC and/or iptv-panel

i5-3550 quad core CPU
8 Gig Mem
Ubuntu server edition 14.04.5 LTS (up to date)
TBS-drivers: latest open source
only 1 card is the server


with this hardware and software setting the old box and other inputs worked just fine, only the new box gives us the strange noice.
Please advice wat other options we can try,

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