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TBS2604 streaming to Twitch broken on FW 1.0.16

TBS2604 streaming to Twitch broken on FW 1.0.16

Postby vimb » Sun May 05, 2019 7:19 pm

I'm attempting to use the TBS2604 to stream a video feed to twitch.

The input is 4K30p from a camera (Sony A7S)
I have it converted to 1920x1080 CBR @ 6 Mbps bitrate.

All of this works correctly on firmware 1.0.12, but when I upgrade to firmware 1.0.16, twitch no longer receives the video feed. Downgrading back to firmware 1.0.12 fixes the issue, however I am concerned about this regression since I will need fixes in future firmware updates.

Two other issues / requests besides this:

1. Can you please remove the restriction on HDMI 2nd settings page that requires the RTMP server IP to be numbers with error message "Please input the right IP address !" I shouldbe able to put a regular server name into HDMI 2nd RTMP server IP field just the same way I can put a server name in HDMI main server IP field. Note that this change only requires removing the error message in the browser interface - if you bypass the interface and set the value directly, it works correctly.

2. Can you add support for 2560 x 1440 Encoded size on HDMI main and HDMI 2nd encoders? It is a popular native resolution and a significant quality improvement from 1080P without requiring the resources of 4K.

RTMP settings as below:
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Re: TBS2604 streaming to Twitch broken on FW 1.0.16

Postby echomay » Thu May 09, 2019 10:16 am

Please send mail to me and tell me the problem, i will ssend you the new when i finished fixed.
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Re: TBS2604 streaming to Twitch broken on FW 1.0.16

Postby daowei » Thu May 09, 2019 10:25 am

Hi vimb,
Just talk with our Encoder engineer , the "issue 1" should be a bug, we'll fix it. And for the "issue 2", we can add the resolution "2560x1440" to support,
but you know if both "main stream" & "2nd stream" encode to a high resolution, it's needed more CPU resource. I think this Encoder is difficult to handle
Normally, for the "2nd" stream, we'll recommend customer to do a "low-resolution" encode, details depen on the "main stream" setting. You can also write to my Engineer:

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