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Tbs2605 BT.709 Problem

TBS2605 HDMI Video encoder not only supports 2 channels 4K or 5 channels H.265 encoding, but also supports multiprotocol output. Each channel supports HTTP/HLS/RTMP(RTMPS)/RTSP/UDP protocols outputting simultaneously. TBS2650 is equipped with 4 x TBS2605 encoding boards in 1U chaasis.

TBS2605/TBS2650 has been upgraded to integrate with NewTek's royalty-free NDI®|HX technology, converts the HDMI input signals into full-bandwidth NDI streams seperately, enabling users to effortlessly connect HDMI-equipped sources to NDI-enabled media networks, devices and applications.

Tbs2605 BT.709 Problem

Postby wordbox99 » Sat Nov 06, 2021 2:47 am

Why is this device not outputting Bt.709, why is there no software update? I request your help in this matter.

App version:1.0.0 build 20200823_660
SDK version:1.0.0 build 20200821_16281
Sys version:1.0.0 build 20200823
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