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NDI proxy

TBS6304SE supports 4 x HDMI inputs ( max. input resolution 1080P 60fps) and H.264 hardware compression. You can use it inside MOI Pro AMD / MOI-V IPTV streaming server, TBS8510 IPTV transcoder, PC etc. for convering your HDMI sources to your IPTV/ broadcasting system etc.

NDI proxy

Postby fgolman » Mon Mar 29, 2021 4:02 am


I've sent this in to the support emailbut have not heard from anyone yet.

I just purchased the 2603SE encoder for use with NDI. I set it up and was able to see NDI streams in full bandwidth mode. However, the encoder is not supplying proxy/low bandwidth streams. How can I configure it to support proxy as well as full bandwidth, as other devices do?

This is quite critical: both my production software (TriCaster) and multiviewer software call the device to send proxy when not on program. As it is now, the device sends black and sound, no picture. But when on program, full bandwidth video is sent OK.

Please advise what the configuration settings should be to support proxy.

If this unit is acceptable, we may be purchasing a large quantity for use across the USA in our 800 radio stations.

Thank you!

Fritz Golman
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