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Scan DVB-T2 signal when DVB-T and T2 cards install together

Scan DVB-T2 signal when DVB-T and T2 cards install together

Postby steven » Wed Jan 11, 2012 5:28 pm

Windows Media Center not detecting DVB-T2 Channels with other DVB-T cards installed on computer. If you are using Media Center as your PVR, it cannot currently distinguish between DVB-T and DVB-T2 tuners .When Media Center first does a scan for channels, it will see DVB-T tuners from the other cards. Depending on which tuner it decides to pick first to scan for channels, it may pick the non-DVB-T2 tuner. When it does a scan for channels, it will not therefore see the Freeview DVB-T2 HD channels.
This is a bug of Microsoft, but Microsoft may not fix the bug and more and more people will hit the same problem. What’s the solution?


First configure and scan with only one of the DVB-T2 capable tuner and then configure the rest of the tuners/cards. Then the scan for channels takes place and the desired channels that all of the cards can receive are found!!!

How to?

Here we use our TBS DVB-T2 Dual Tuner Card TBS6280 and DVB-T dongle testing.See the detailed steps:

Step1: Set up TV Signal

Launch Windows 7 Media center on your PC. Click Tasks->settings->TV->TV Signal to set up TV signal.

Step2: TV Setup

Follow all the steps above, and then you will see the following window asking you to choose you region and upload your postal code. See the screenshot below:
Then the window “Program Guide Terms of Service” will appear. Choose “I agree” to continue.Then it’s time to begin to download new data now. It will take several minutes, so please wait patiently.

A “TV Tuner Selection” window appears, it’s also the focus of this article. You’ll see 3 tuners have detected, choose one of the DVB-T2 capable tuners, here we choose TBS 6280 DVBT/T2 Tuner A.
Click “Next” to the next step,Winows Media Center has finished setting up digital antenna,it will ask you “Do you want to set up other Digital Antenna(DVB-T) tuners?”We choose "Yes".
And then configure the rest of the tuners/cards “AF9015 BDA Filter and TBS6280 DVBT/T2 Tuner B”
Follow the instructions, until you can start to scan channels. It takes a while to scan channels, and the channels that have been found will be listed below. So we verify the solution is right.
Step3: Watch TV on Windows Media Center

After the channels have been found, you can watch the DVB-T2 TV programs now. Go back to the main menu of Media Center, and then click “Live TV” under the “TV” column. Relevant TV programs will begin to broadcast.
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