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More than 16 DVB adapters (3x6209)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 6:01 am
by squirrely

are there any limitations on number of DVB adapters (frontends)? I currently have 3x6209 and 1x6205 installed (totalling 28 frontends) and I have strange problems them working normally. Drivers install and load fine, I see all 28 adapters, but when using astra to stream video, seems like only ~16 frontends work. They tune in fine but doesn't receive anything. I've removed the 6205 leaving only 3x6209 in the machine, but nothing changed. Have anyone of you had experience streaming with such number of adapters?

Re: More than 16 DVB adapters (3x6209)

PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:21 am
by steven

Can you have a try with other application or launch several processes of using one card .

as we tested about 6x6209 with our MOI-V which works well with dvblast and tvheadend .


Kind Regards


Re: More than 16 DVB adapters (3x6209)

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:04 pm
by squirrely

I’ve tried reinstalling whole machine, recompiled open source driver, revised all the BIOS settings, installed TBS cards only in PCIe x1 slots. Launched 3 separate Astra5 processes for each card. Now it kind of works for while, all 3 cards tune in just fine, streams start, correct bitrates are shown on all channels, etc. But after some time (5-10min) one card crashes - transponders stay tuned in ok, but bitrates show 21 Kbps on all channels, scan doesn’t work anymore (even with utilities like w_scan, scan) on crashed adapter. Restarting astra has no effect, dmesg and astra logs don’t show anything interesting. Only a system reboot helps for some time. After longer period - second adapter crashes, but third (which has least transponders tuned) hasn’t crashed.

Cards are on separate IRQs, using MSI. IRQs are manually pinned to separate cores.

It doesn’t look like it’s application related, because after adapter has crashed, you can try to use it with any utility you want - signal is fine, but no data from transponders. It seems very much like some driver or environment config issue..

Any ideas?

I've started only one instance of Astra5 that has 1 adapter (8 transponders) configured with 70 streams. It worked for few hours and didn't crash until I started another instance with different adapter (4 transponders, 12 streams) configured. When left over night, even single instance (1 adapter) of Astra crashed. Is there a way to increase verbosity of the logs or something, to catch what's going on?