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It's important to keep your driver and software updated.


Postby dingo » Wed Nov 28, 2018 7:57 pm

Hi all,

For a long time people have been asking for a dkms.conf file for the proprietary tbs drivers. I made one, see attachment.


Extract dkms.conf from the file attached to this post.
If you don't have x86_64 kernel, adapt line 5 to run the appropriate ./v4l/tbs*.sh script:
MAKE[0]="./v4l/ && make ${MAKEFLAGS} KERNELRELEASE=$kernelver"

Download and untar latest proprietary drivers, in my case v170330:

cd tbs-linux-drivers_v170330
mkdir /usr/src/linux-tbs-drivers-170330 <--- the name of this directory should be in the form linux-tbs-drivers-<version_number>
mv linux-tbs-drivers /usr/src/linux-tbs-drivers-170330
cp /your-path-to/dkms.conf /usr/src/linux-tbs-drivers-170330
dkms add linux-tbs-drivers/170330 -k <your kernel name, output of uname -r>
dkms autoinstall

This should start the automatic rebuilding process of your modules. You can check dkms with "dkms status" command.

If you get errors like "Diff between built and installed module", run dkms --force install with the appropriate parameters.

Good luck!
files to produce actual dkms.conf
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