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6902 windows 10 BSOD after resume from standby

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6902 windows 10 BSOD after resume from standby

Postby BrianS » Sun Nov 03, 2019 5:53 pm

I have recently purchased a TBS6902 card and installed it on my main computer running windows 10 pro build 1903 (64-bit) using the latest driver (TBS6902-driver-win10-v1.0.0.3).

Everything works as expected except when resuming from sleep (standby). The computer freezes for 2 minutes the displays the BlueSOD with the Stopcode DPC-WATCHDOG-VIOLATION and then restarts the computer, which it does with no problems. I have tried various things to solve this including moving the card to a different slot, all with no success.

I then tried installing the card on my very old (2008) machine. When running windows 10 pro I get the same results except for the stopcode which is MEMORY-MANAGEMENT.

Running Vista Premium 32-bit on the above machine with the driver installed from tbs6902_windows-driver_v1.0.0.3 works perfectly, even after resuming from sleep.

It would appear, therefore, that there is a problem with the windows 10 64-bit driver for this card. Anyone got a driver that works?

Please note that I use a multiswitch and therefore Diseqc must work correctly (with reference to a previous driver on the download page).

(I notified TBS support of the problem last week but have had no response).
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