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TBS MCE Ci Tool issue & Change Request

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TBS MCE Ci Tool issue & Change Request

Postby jocke4u » Sat Jan 25, 2014 5:21 pm


I recently bought 2 TBS 5880 which I have configured and running but I have an issue and also a "change request".
I use separate TV server with ArgusTV 2.2.1 (with the TBS cards) and clients with MediaPortal 1.6 and ArgusTV plugin.
The program card (Swedish Boxer) is shared via Cardcaster unit so each TBS5880 have a cardcaster client card (and a third for softCAM and older DVB-T cards).
Base system is Windows 7 SP1, 64-bit.
Driver versions is and MCE CI Tool

The issue
When I have the system running and work, after some time (approx 1,5-2 days) it stops working and ArgusTV reports "ProgramIsScrambled" and if I restart TBS MCE CI Tool it starts to work again. So the tests/analysis I have done so far shows that something strange happens with TBS MCE CI Tool.
Is it possible to generate some log/debug traces?
Do you have any idea to solve the issue?

The Change Request
As described, I run the cards in a TV server which means it doesn't need to have a user logged in and since TBS MCE CI Tool is a desktop application that is started as part of desktop/login startup it isn't a perfect match. So far I have solved it by creating an auto-login and it works but not ideal.
It would be very nice to have MCE CI Tool divided into two parts, one windows service containing the core functionality to be able to decode channels and manage all interactions with CI/CAM and a second part as User Interface (UI) and the UI would be "stupid" and only communicate with the core service to reach the CI menus etc.

What do you think; would it be a possible/good approach?
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Re: TBS MCE Ci Tool issue & Change Request

Postby jocke4u » Fri Feb 07, 2014 4:54 am

Do you (TBS) have any input/thoughs to this?
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