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Firmware V2.0.3

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Firmware V2.0.3

Postby warumnix » Tue Feb 18, 2014 2:36 pm

Hello everyone:)

the firmware for MOI has just been updated to V2.0.3, please click here for direct download.

What's new in V2.0.3

1. VNSI(vdr-plgin-vinsiserver) Protocol is updated from V4 to V5 .
2. MuMuDVB is updated to the latest version 1.7.3 .

How to update:
1. from V2.x to V2.0.3
Copy the files in the firmware V2.0.3 folder to your micro SD card, power on MOI to start the update.
2. from V1.x to V2.0.3
1) Connect RS232 serial cable & install software.
Connect one end of the RS232 cable to MOI, the other end to your PC, install the software:
- for Windows users: TTERMPRO
- for Linux users: minicom
2) Update through micro SD card*
Prepare a formatted micro SD card, copy the file “MOI290-fs.bin” into it, insert it into the SD card slot on MOI, power on MOI, "Enter" uboot quickly (within about 3 seconds after MOI is powered on) and input the command lines:
setenv loadmmcfs 'fatload mmc 0:1 40000000 MOI2900_fs.bin'
setenv updatekfs 'nand erase 50c0000;nand write.yaffs 40000000 50c0000 ${filesize}'
then input "re", MOI will start to update.

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