MOI DVB-S2 Streaming Box

  • 1.What is MOI and what can it do?
    MOI box is a dual DVB-S2 TV tuner and dual CI slot Linux server for streaming satellite TV channels to the following client end devices within your wired or wireless home network: HDTV, PC, tablet computers, smartphones, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Sony Playstation 3.



  • 2.What device can I use to work with MOI?
    • PC with Windows/Linux OS
    • Android tablet , Android smartphone
    • iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac (Note: the iPad, iPhone and iPod should be jailbroken)
    • Sony Playstation 3
  • 3.Can I connect MOI with a HDTV?
    Yes, but since MOI doesn't have HDMI interface, you have to connect MOI to the HDTV through a min PC TV stick.



  • 4.What kind of DVB-S2 tuners does MOI have built-in?

    Please refer to the specifications:


  • 5.Do I have to connect the RS232 cable to MOI?
    This is not a MUST, it is only recommended for those who want to add or edit the imbedded software on MOI.
  • 6.Can I use MOI to stream encrypted TV channels?
    Yes, MOI has 2 CI slot built-in, thus it enables you to insert 2 CAM modules for encrypted TV channels.
  • 7.What software do I need for streaming encrypted TV channels?



  • 8.What version am I running?
    To check the version you are running, you can go to the Web UI and the version information can be found on the left side.

    verson number

  • 9.What software should I use?
    • To configure MOI and the DVB-S2 signal settings, it is recommended to use Tvheadend.
    • To playback the TV programs streamed from MOI, you can use:







  • 10.How to use VLC with MOI?

    There is manual available for download from


    more details about VLC can be found on

  • 11.How to use XBMC with MOI?

    There is manual available for download from

    more details about XBMC can be found on

  • 12.How to use TVHguide with MOI?

    There is manual available for download from


    more details about TVHguide can be found on:

  • 13.How many devices can I use to receive and watch the programs streamed from MOI at the same time?
    Max. 7 – 8
  • 14.What is the default IP address of MOI?
  • 15.Why should I change the default IP address of MOI?
    The default IP address of MOI is, if this IP is not in your network IP range, you need to either change MOI IP to your network IP range or change your network IP range to 192.168.1.XXX to make MOI accessible.
  • 16.How to change the IP address of MOI?
    To change the IP address, it is most convenient to use the Web UI by entering the default IP address of MOI in the address bar of the browser, there you can change it to another IP address which is in the same IP range. Once the IP address is changed, you should use the new IP address when you try to
    • open the Web UI again
    • access Tvheadend web server
    • configure playback software like VLC, XBMC, DVBlast, mumuDVB etc.
  • 17.What should I do if I forget the new IP address I set before?
    You can reset MOI, then you will be able to access it using the default IP address
  • 18.How to reset MOI?
    To perform a reset, keep the MOI box powered off, use a pen tip or bent paperclip to depress the reset slot, then power on MOI.
  • 19.How to update MOI?

    To perform a system upgrade, you can either use a micro SD card, or update directly through the WUI (Web User Interface).

    1) Use a miscro SD card to update:

    • prepare a formatted FAT32 file system micro SD card.

    • download the latest firmware from, copy the files from the firmware package to the micro SD card.

    • power off MOI, insert the micro SD card to the "Micro SD" slot at the back of the MOI box.

    • power on MOI, the upgrade will start automatically and the LED light "Tuner A" at the front stays flashing until the upgrade is complete, then power off MOI disconnecting the mains, take the micro SD card out and reboot MOI to finish the whole procedure.

    2) Update through WUI (Web User Interface)

    Open WUI by entering the default IP adress192.168.1.188 (or your own MOI IP address after you've changed it) in the browser, go to "Update", select and upload the files to proceed with the update. Note: this method applies only to MOI with firmware version 1.2 or later; for MOI with firmware version 1.0 and 1.1, update through a micro SD card is the only method.

  • 20.Can I use a FAT32 formatted USB stick instead of a FAT32 formatted SD card to do the system upgrade?
    Yes, just make sure the USB stick is FAT32 formatted.
  • 21.Where can I get support if I have a problem using MOI or want to report a bug?
    Please contact moi support at
  • 22.Can I record the TV program with MOI while watching?
    MOI doesn't have hard disk, you can record the running programs through Tvheadend or the software you use for playback, such as XBMC, VLC etc.
  • 23.What is the login and password by default, if I want to get access to MOI via SSH?

    login: root

    pass: tbs

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