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TBS Android Mini PC aka TBS 8210

Questions on running steaming box on Android

TBS Android Mini PC aka TBS 8210

Postby marcelp1 » Sun May 26, 2013 9:47 pm

Hi all,

just wanted to try the gift I got with the MOI box,
sold over here for ... c-p-4.html
for 40 USD.

I thought that it will be possible to control the Android OS with my remote (like in the case of RaspBMC on Raspberry Pi)
but got disappointed :(

So plugged in my keyboard Logitech K120 and could navigate around F1-F5 and F10,
but no access to Function column & status bar :(

And when logged in to Google Accounts the Mini PC stick is not shown :(

Could the stick be operated with only a mouse? (I have not got USB mouse yet, if so, I will get one).
Has anyone managed to get the stick displayed in their Google Play account?
Is there anyway to control the stick remotely from another device laptop via SSH or other way?
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