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2023-10-12 The new version v3.4.3 of Kylone, RC-1 with Build 2023100602 is ready, click here to get more details.
2023-9-21 The user guide of TBS8030T is releasded, which will help you know more about how the encoder works. Click here to download it.
2023-7-20 New release-candidate RC-5 for v3.4.1 with build number 2023071500 is ready, click here to get more details.
  • Intel Graphics: QSV migrated to VPL (opensource intel library) and available with Rocky-8/6.3.3 kernel image.
  • "Drop" counter health-check disabled for all processing modules. If there is "packet corrupt" detected in stream, it will dropped and the stream is not restarted after certain number of such events anymore.
  • DHCP issues of Rocky-8 is fixed.
  • Firewall service disabled for first install (ISO) for all OS (including CentOS, Rocky and RKOS-Embedded (debian).
  • WebUI option added to enable/disable Firewall (System -> Services -> Firewall)
  • Some minor fixes on ts-engine (sheng), related to status-monitor page.
2023-6-27 TBS2603 V2 has a same PCB size and Interface definition ( for example, HDMI port, DC power port, Eth. port and etc.), it can be install to the older TBS2603 Shell and TBS2630 Shell.
2023-5-12 TBS5230 Multi-Standard Tuner Box Windows Driver has updated to version v1.0.0.2, which fixs some bugs, click here to download it.
2023-5-18 TBS6904SE DVB-S2X Quad Tuner PCIe Card Windows Driver has updated to version v1.0.0.4, which optimizes signal display, click here to download it.