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    MOI-V IPTV Streaming Sever

    MOI-V is TBS latest professional IPTV streaming server, with flexible x86 CPU (Upto Intel E5 Xeon) and Memory, it supports up to 48 TV tuners of different DVB standard in 1U chassis. It can receive live TV signal using built-in TV tuners and stream the channels to your IPTV panel.

    MOI-V is a customizable product, you could change CPU, RMA and SSD, and support to install 6 TBS TV tuner card inside, it's a ideal product for IPTV system integrators and TV service operators, allows you to use not only Linux and Ubuntu, but also Windows.

    Key Features:

    • Live SD/HD TV streaming
    • Customizable configuration
    • Low power consumption
    • Supports up to 48 TV tuners (6 TV tuner PCIe cards) of different DVB standard

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