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    TBS6909-X V2 DVB-S2X/S2/S Octa Tuner PCIe Card Compatible with Tvheadend

    TBS6909-X V2 is a powerful DVB-S2X/S2 and annex M octa tuner card with PCI Express interface, it not only supports to receive SD/HD digital TV channels from 8 different satellite transponders simultaneously, but also supports CCM, ACM, VCM and Multi Input Stream, which is considered as a professional TV tuner for industrial-level users. When you have limited PCIe slots in your server, TBS6909-X V2 enables you to receive more channels than the usual dual or quad TV tuner, thus it is highly recommended for IPTV streaming and broadcasting system.

    Main Features:

    • Support Octa DVB-S/S2/S2X
    • Fast scanning functionality for all media
    • Supports CCM, ACM, VCM and Multi Input Stream
    • Support wide band


    • Data receiving
    • IPTV streaming
    • Media monitoring
    • Digital content distribution

    TBS6909-X DVB-S2X Octa Tuner Card PCIe

    DVB-S2X/S2; Octa tuner; Linux OS; PCI Express; IPTV Streaming

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