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1. How to install the driver

Please have a look at this guide:


2. Can not compile the driver in CentOS 7

check your kernel version:
uname -a

Link the build folder .Go to this folder such as :
cd /lib/modules/3.10.0-327.13.1.el7.x86_64/
ln -sf /usr/src/kernels/3.10.0-327.10.1.el7.x86_64/ build
Then install the driver as normal steps

3. How to install the tbs cards driver for Raspberry Pi


4. How to use tvheadend

Here is the video:

5. How to use astra



6. How to use OSCAM


7. How to use mumudvb




1. How to make the device work on Windows 11

Disable memory integrity in windows 11 security.

2. Is your driver support windows 10

No problem you can feel free using windows xp,vista/7/8/10

3. Can not watch the HD channels,only picture or only audio

Make sure that you have install the right video and audio decoder

4. Where i can get the TSReader dll support

You can get it on our download page:


5. Where i can get the StreamReader dll support

You can get it on our download page:

6. Why can not use it with Windows Server 2008

Please install this patch for your windows server 2008:

7. The card don't been detected by motherboard

please refer to attached pics to change some pcie setting on BIOS and update the BIOS to the latest version.
Make sure set the PCI-E link speed to Gen1 like this, as most users after set the BIOS it can detect our card so you can have a try.

8. How to set dvbdream support 8 diseqc

Open "Options" item then select "Diseqc", Diseqc Switch Type "None"

After add one satellite, open "Properties", can set diseqc port by "Uncommitted" from 0 to 15

9. What kind of antenna to use(DVBT/DVBT2 Card)

Our all dvbt/t2 card just support the parasitic antenna. If you use the active antenna, you need supply power to antenna.

10. Whether support CI+

Our all CI card just support the CI, do no support CI+.


1. How to use MOI Pro-AMD

Please have a look at this quick start:

2. What about the login user name and password

web login is : root/root
SSH and system is : root/123456

3. How many channels it support to streaming

200 FTA SD channles, or 50 HD channels.
For soft Decryption 40 sd or 20 HD.

4. After change the system to ubuntu nothing show in the LCD


5. How to update the driver


6. The DASH page can not open


7. How to install other system to MOI Pro-AMD

Please have a look this as example:

8. How to reset to factory setting

Please have a look at this guide:

9. How to let MOI Pro-AMD auto power on when power cable insert

Please have a look at this guide:

10. Is it support transcode

No, MOI Pro-AMD do not support transcode.