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    • TBS5302 1080p USB3.0 HDMI HD Video capture card with HDMI 1.4 portis a device which has a superior performance, superior compatibility, simple installation and many other features. It completel...    more >>
    • TBS6304 HD HDMI Capture Card comes with HDMI1.4 port, completely supports full HD Video and Audio capture and playback. It provides the highest quality HDMI input, and meets the HDMI 1.4 standa...    more >>
    • TBS6304SE is the updated version of TBS6304, it's a high and standard definition capture card with quad HDMI 1.4 inputs and H.264 hardware compression. Users can easily capture SD/HD signals fr...    more >>
    • TBS5301 USB2.0 HDMI HD Video capture card with HDMI 1.4 port, which supports the capture and playback of full HD video and audio completely. The device is compact and equipped with a USB 2.0 po...    more >>
    • TBS6314 is a PCI-E 4x raw data video capture with superior quality, equipped with 4 HDMI inputs, which support uncompressed real-time video capturing at full HD resolution up to 1920x1080....    more >>
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