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    MOI Pro – AMD

    MOI Pro – AMD is a new professional IPTV streaming server powered by AMD Embedded G-Series SoC, it can receive live TV signal using built-in TV tuners and stream the channels further through Ethernet to various client devices, such as PC, tablet PC, smartphone, and smartTV.

    With AMD Embedded G-Series SoC inside, MOI Pro – AMD provides more possibilities to IPTV system integrators and TV service operators, it allows you to use not only Linux and CentOS7, but also Windows. Open source software such as Kodi(XBMC), OpenPCTV and VDR are pre-installed to create a read-to-run platform.

    Key Features

    • Live SD/HD TV streaming
    • Based on AMD Embedded G-Series SoC
    • High-performance graphics processing
    • Low power consumption
    • Linux Open Source software support: Kodi( XBMC), OpenPCTV, VDR
    • Supports up to 32 TV tuners (4 TV tuner PCIe cards) of different DVB standard


    1U Chassis (430*320*46mm)
    Processor AMD® Embedded G-Series SoC (Quad Core, 2GHz)
    Memory 4GB DDR3 1333
    Graphics Integrated AMD Radeon™ HD
    APU AMD® Embedded G-Series SoC
    Ethernet 2x LAN Gbit / 100 Mbit / 10 Mbit,
    Storage 1 x SATA 6.0 Gb/s
    LPC 1 x LPC support TPM module
    2 x COM HEADER
    Display Interface 1 x HDMI
    1 x VGA (The reserved connection)
    USB 2 x USB 2.0
    2 x USB 3.0
    Expansion Interface 1 x Full-Size Mini-PCIe
    (w/USB, PCle x 1 Single)
    SBC dimension 128 *104 mm
    Operating Systems Microsoft® Windows 8, Microsoft® Windows 7,
    Microsoft® Windows® 7/8 embedded Standard, Microsoft® Windows® 7 Embedded Compact
    Linux, CentOS7
    DVB tuner card support Up to 32 TV tuners (4 TV tuner PCIe cards)
    Pre-installed software Tvheadend, VDR, MuMuDVB, DVBlast, szap-s2, dvbdate, dvbscan, dvbdstream, dvbsnoop, scan-s2, szap-s2, tzap-t2, LIRC, telnet, ssh, ftp, samba

    Which DVB tuner card to use

    MOI Pro AMD is compatible with most of TBS tuner cards, and supports connection with up to 4 DVB PCI Express tuner cards through the tuner bridge board, you could even choose four cards in different standard.

    Products works with MOI Pro AMD:
    2xTBS6904, 4x TBS6904, 2xTBS6991SE , 4x TBS6991SE , 2xTBS6909, 4xTBS6909, 2x TBS6205, 4xTBS6205, 2xTBS6290, 4xTBS6290, 2xTBS6904+2x TBS6205, 2xTBS6904+2xTBS6991SE, 2xTBS6909+2xTBS6904, 2xTBS6909+2xTBS6991SE, 2xTBS6909+2xTBS6205, 2xTBS6909+2xTBS6290, TBS6904+TBS6205, TBS6904+TBS6991SE, TBS6909+TBS6904, TBS6909+TBS6205, TBS6909+TBS6290, TBS6909+TBS6991SE

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