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    TBS2925 MOI Smart Box small IPTV streaming server

    TBS2925 MOI Smart Box is a professional IPTV headend streaming server, which is mainly used to transfer DVB TV channels to data format and deliver over the network as video streams. It is equipped with 1 or 2 PCIe slots, which can be loaded with 1pcs or 2pcs DVB TV Tuner PCIe card to capture live DVB channels from up to 8 frequencies. The 1Gb network port allows MOI Smart box to deliver about 800M video streams over the network simultaneously.

    TBS2925 MOI Smart Box provides many possibilities to IPTV system integrators or TV service operators, as it allows to use different open-source software, such as Tvheadend, VDR, MuMuDVB, DVBlast, etc., to deliver the video streams in different protocol according to the requirements of the IPTV system.

    TBS2925 MOI Smart Box has 2 versions:

    • TBS2925-1 single PCIe slot version
    • TBS2925-2 dual PCIe slots version
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