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Resi FSM8 DVBC modulator @ v1.0.0.11

Resi FSM8 DVBC modulator @ v1.0.0.11

Postby pytr89 » Sat Nov 26, 2016 3:48 pm

I have TBS Moi Pro with TBS 6904 dvbs2 quad tuner card  @ firmware v1.0.0.11
It is any way to install dddvb drivers? I mean that is not now installed in firmware.
But when I use Astra (5.60 or 5.62 rc9 or 5.63) I search just one transponder and choose just one FTA channel with 2-3 Mbit/s @ input. http stream works fine.
As output i choose resi dvbc modulator, choose that one fta channel to dvbc multiplex but in log i see: "resi. buffer overflow"

do you have any idea how to fix it?
Any help will be strongly appreciated.

Here is github repository of dddvb drivers.

But when i download them to the TBS i can't use "make" or "make install" to add this here.

Here is "how to" install dddvb drivers:


Führen Sie in einer Konsole / Terminal folgende Befehle aus:

Aktuellen dddvb Treiber herunterladen und entpacken:

cd /usr/src

sudo wget ... .26.tar.gz

sudo tar -xf 0.9.26.tar.gz

Treiber bauen:

cd dddvb-0.9.26

sudo make

Module installieren:

sudo make install

Reihenfolge fürs laden der Module festlegen:

sudo mkdir -p /etc/depmod.d

echo 'search extra updates built-in' | sudo tee /etc/depmod.d/extra.conf

Dem System die neuen Module und deren Abhängigkeiten bekannt geben:

sudo depmod -a

Für Max S8 die Datei ddbridge.conf angelegen:

echo 'options ddbridge fmode=x' | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/ddbridge.conf

ersetze x mit der Nummer der verwendeten Betriebsart (siehe unten)

Treiber laden:

sudo modprobe ddbridge

thank you for your help.

best regards, Peter

log from astra:

Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] PAT tsid:3207 version:1
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] PAT PMT pid:1007 pnr:5107
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] PAT crc32:0xEC7579CB
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] SDT tsid:3207 version:1
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] SDT pnr:5107
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] SDT provider:
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] SDT service:
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] SDT crc32:0x73D68328
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] PMT pnr:5107 version:1
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] PCR pid:1017
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] VIDEO pid:1017 type:0x02
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] VIDEO descriptor:0x02031A485F
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] AUDIO pid:1027 type:0x03
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] AUDIO descriptor:0x030167
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] AUDIO lang:slo
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] PMT crc32:0x4DCC0216
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] SDT tsid:3207 version:16
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] SDT pnr:5107
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] SDT provider:Towercom
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] SDT service:TA3
Nov 20 23:35:22[TA3 #1] SDT crc32:0xA14951BB
Nov 20 23:35:23[TA3 #1] Bitrate:2082Kbit/s
Nov 20 23:35:23[TA3] Active input #1
Nov 20 23:35:25[TA3 #1] resi. buffer overflow
Nov 20 23:35:27[TA3 #1] resi. buffer overflow
Nov 20 23:35:30[TA3 #1] resi. buffer overflow
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