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ssh key

ssh key

Postby johnnysamu » Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:59 am

I have done a bash script that sends the time to the MOI pro from another computer. This is to get good sync, and I do not get moi pro and tvheadend to have the right time.

There is no professional script but does its thing.

timeNow=$(date +"%T") #Orsundsbro servern
dateNow=$(date "+%Y-%m-%d")
ssh -t -t root@ << HERE
# ln -nf /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Stockholm /etc/localtime
# hwclock -w
MoiProtimeNow=$(date +"%T")
MoiProdateNow=$(date "+%Y-%m-%d")

echo "
have now tried sending time:" $dateNow $timeNow " To MoiPro" "which now has the time: " $MoiProdateNow$

# exit

Then I send over the public key to the Moi pro ""ssh-copy-id root@"
( ... sh-keys--2)

And run "./"

But unfortunately it does not work. Someone who can think and fix?
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