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Choosing MODCOD from VCM stream w/ 5520SE

Choosing MODCOD from VCM stream w/ 5520SE

Postby igorfreire » Sun Dec 15, 2019 2:19 am

Hi all,

I'm running a lab setup with a DVB-S2 Tx modem directly connected to a 5520SE receiver. The Tx modem is transmitting a VCM signal, alternating between two fixed MODCODs.

Although the 5520SE does not support VCM, I would like to be able to define a single MODCOD (among the two) for the 5520SE to lock to. So far, while running dvbv5-zap, the 5520SE does lock to a single MODCOD. The problem is that I cannot control which MODCOD it locks to. Instead, it randomly selects a MODCOD and locks. Also, it may randomly change which MODCOD it is locked to over time.

I took a look at the Si2183 drivers to understand if there is any way of "selecting" a MODCOD. By looking at function si2183_set_dvbs (link below), however, it does not seem to be possible. ... 183.c#L556

Could anybody confirm whether this is feasible at all?
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