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TBS 6903-X blind scan

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Re: TBS 6903-X blind scan

Postby satesco » Mon Aug 24, 2020 3:32 am

razvodnik Wrote:good day.5 days ago i bought 6903x from germany. the card is worth nothing! it doesn't work either s crazy nor ebs pro! i don't support rf scan! i have 5927 ruined and so i bought the 6903x! i want help with this professional card. ..... or take it back to them and ask for my money back! I don't understand how to sell something that doesn't work well? I bought the most expensive card and it's for nothing!

You don't have to return the card,because you can work with 6903X.You have to be patient until you become familiar with it,especially with Crazyscan.Anyway 6903x works well with any dvb player(DVB Dream,DVBViewer,etc).
In your pm you find the Crazyscan app that I use for 6903x.
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Re: TBS 6903-X blind scan

Postby s0nnenschein » Mon Oct 05, 2020 12:16 am

Could you please tell me what version you are using?

V1.0.2.165 with streamreader.dll regularly freezes (crashes), does not lock on most transponders (EBS does it!) and shows wrong spectrum (repeated pattern) or has a frequency drift when loop is enabled.

In my case EBS Pro is very stable, but does not have this framemode option I want to test for GSE.
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Re: TBS 6903-X blind scan

Postby 1bit » Sat Oct 10, 2020 4:18 pm

Babadem Wrote:As the saying goes..... The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Users haven't put enough pressure on TBS to effect change and correct this and other issues. We need more users to express their outrage at the lack of support for the 6903-X. It is only right for TBS to support their product, users are not asking for much!

It's not only for the TBS 6903-X it's for all of their cards!
I have "TBS5520SE" and its the same thing, and searching this forum, there is a loot more cards that luck the support.

I think that TBS has found that supporting these DVB cards is time consuming and they probably get more money selling their server solutions .... :(
DO not get me wrong, their hardware (when it works with software) is rock solid.
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