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    TBS5301 USB2.0 HDMI HD Capture card

    TBS5301 USB2.0 HDMI HD Video capture card with HDMI 1.4 port, which supports the capture and playback of full HD video and audio completely. The device is compact and equipped with a USB 2.0 port. It is a practical and easy-to-use USB 2.0 capture solution. It provides the highest quality HDMI input and complies with the HDMI 1.4 standard. It meets the requirements of 1080 50/60p resolution and H.264 hardware compression. You can easily capture and encode signals from different kinds of device without limitation. Through the LAN port, TBS5301 allows you to output the signal stream directly without a PC, making it a portable device. Whether it is equipped with a PC or not, it is easy to use.

    TBS5301 is suitable for recording, editing, video conferencing, and streaming applications. windows driver is BDA architecture compatible with DVBDream,DVBView..., Linux driver is V4L architecture compatible with dvblast,tvheadend,astra....

    Main Features:

    • Real HDMI Digital Interface
    • Compatible with 1080 50/60P Full HD Input Signals
    • Compliant with HDMI 1.3, HDMI 1.4a 3, HDCP 1.4 specifications
    • Hardware encoding, H.264 hardware compression
    • Supports UDP/RTP
    • Supports 20 bits DeepColor
    • Automatically Detecting Input Signal


    • IPTV Servers
    • Datacasting and monitoring
    • Live TV Capture and streaming
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