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    TBS5520SE Multi-standard TV Tuner USB Box

    TBS5520SE is a multi-standard external TV tuner with USB2.0 interface, it is capable of receiving digital TV channels of multiple standards: DVB-S2X/S2/S/T2/T/C2/C/ISDB-T. Through the USB interface, you can easily plug the TBS5520SE Universal TV Tuner to your desktop or laptop PC, with appropriate signal cable connected and software installed, it’s convenient to switch among different standards, and enjoy more TV channels than using just one single TV standard.

    TBS5520se is powered by USB cable, which is not powerful enough for heavy power load, like Motor LNB.

    Main Features:

    • Multi-standard dual USB box
    • Watch & record satellite TV/ radio programs on PC
    • EPG (Electronic Program Guide) support
    • Unicable/one cable compatible


    • Data receiving
    • IPTV streaming
    • Media monitoring
    • Digital content distribution
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