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    TBS6014 QAMB J.83B Quad Modulator PCIe Card

    This is a QAMB J.83B Quad modulator card, it works as a QAMB signal generator and supports 4- frequencies QAMB transmission. This quad card can convert transport stream to QAMB signal, for example, you can use a TBS DVB-S2 TV tuner card to receive satellite TV channels and use this modulator card to convert the DVB-S2 TS to QAMB signal at the same time, a modern TV or Set-Top-Box with QAMB tuner integrated can be used to receive the terrestrial signal easily from the modulator card.

    This card provides a very cost-effective solution to transfer other digital resources, like DVB-S2/S, DVB-C, ISDB-T, ATSC or even IPTV resources into an existing QAMB system in hotels, hospitals, or dormitories.

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