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    TBS6214 ISDB-T Quad Modulator PCIe Card

    This is an ISDB-T Quad modulator PCIe Card, working as an ISDB-T signal generator. It supports to be fed with DVB resource, HDMI videos, IP streams or any other digital resources, and then output ISDB-T signal in 4 Frequencies. For example, you can use a TBS DVB-S2 TV tuner card to receive satellite TV channels and then use PCIe Card to convert these channels into ISDB-T signal.

    An excellent modulator recommended: TBS MOI PRO AMD loaded with 2pcs * TBS6904SE Quad DVB-S/S2/S2X Tuner PCIe card and 2pcs * ISDB-T Quad Modulator PCIe Card. This solution supports to convert DVB-S/S2 signal into about 240Mbps ISDB-T signal.


    • Home HDTV broadcasting system
    • Hotel and Lodging video systems
    • Interactive online broadcasting system
    • Interactive portable broadcasting system
    • Data broadcasting in Digital Signage


    • Transmits real time video or stored video to ISDB-T signal
    • Feeds either an antenna or coax cable
    • Freq Config GUI supported via Linux®
    • Customer oriented API is also available
    • Sample transport streams available
    • 3-Layer (A, B and C) modulator
    • Full 13-segment ISDB-T modulator
    • Supports variable channel width 6MHz to 8MHz
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