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    TBS6909 DVB-S2 8 Tuner PCIe Card

    TBS6909 is a powerful DVB-S2 octa tuner card with PCI Express interface, capable of receiving SD/HD digital TV channels from 8 different transponders simultaneously, which is considered as a professional TV tuner for industrial-level users. When the PCIe slot in the server is limited, TBS6909 enables you to receive more channels than the usual dual or quad TV tuner. Thus it is highly recommended for broadcasting system.


    • DVB-S2/S 8 tuner
    • Watch & record satellite TV/ radio programs on PC
    • EPG (Electronic Program Guide) support
    • Unicable/one cable compatible
    • High-speed data download via satellite
    • High reliability


    • Data receiving
    • Media monitoring
    • Digital content distribution
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